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Humans, from the beginning of time have been fascinated by the idea of exploration. A civilization rarely stayed in one area, it moves and conquered more space and claimed it as its own. People wanted to make their lives easier, and so they started trying out ways to transport their items as they moved from one area to another. A carriage is how it all began, and slowly people started reaching placed that no man has been to before with more developed transportation utilities.

The production of the very first car only set up a chain reaction of more reliable and more affordable cars for the average citizen. Automotive companies started manufacturing cars based on the several segments that they targeted and achieved immense success by doing so. Car manufacturing has created many jobs when it first began, yet now different, less labour intensive jobs are needed. Programming, and managing the assembly process are now common in the industry. Also, cars are highly in demand nowadays, especially in developing countries as there are no or in efficient subways, and people prefer not to use the public transportation.

As to bikes, they were bicycles before a motor was places to make the driving process consume less effort. The bike industry grew massively over the years, despite some people claiming that cars will take over, many hobbyists encourage the ownership of a motorbike, and even created clubs that include members that own a bike from a particular company.

Cars and Bikes on OpenSooq

Our website offers a great range of both premium and average cars and bikes. You will certainly find the transportation vehicle that matches your country’s terrain, weather condition, budget and most certainly a car that matches your own personal style and beliefs.

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