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The most frequently asked questions about Cars and Bicycle

Can I find both new and used cars on OpenSooq?

Absolutely! OpenSooq features a vast selection of both new and used cars. You can easily filter your search based on your preference.

How can I be assured of the quality of used cars listed on the platform?

While OpenSooq hosts the platform, the condition and quality of used cars depend on the individual sellers. We recommend buyers communicate directly with sellers, ask detailed questions about the vehicle, and, where possible, arrange a physical inspection or test drive to ensure satisfaction before purchase.

Are there options for renting cars on OpenSooq?

Yes, OpenSooq offers a 'Cars for Rent' category, featuring numerous car rental options to suit your temporary mobility needs.

I'm interested in selling my car. How do I list it on OpenSooq?

You can easily list your car for sale on OpenSooq. Simply create an account, click on 'Post an Ad,' fill out the required details about your vehicle, upload clear pictures, and submit.

Do you offer other automotive-related items other than cars?

Yes, OpenSooq offers a variety of automotive-related items such as VIP car plates, car spare parts, wheels and rims, and car accessories to enhance your vehicle's identity and performance.