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Should you rent or buy? Our calculator takes the most important costs associated with buying a property and compares it to your equivalent rental costs. Try it out to help you with this financial decision !

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Rent is 99% cheaper than buy
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167 EGP
Total Rental Cost Over 5 years

10,000 EGP
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Buy Vs Rent Methodology

Our goal is to make a methodology comparison between renting a property total cost and buying it during the same rental period, based on user input, by listing the basic costs of the two options and helping you make your best decision.

To figure out the total rental cost, we calculate the monthly rent, one-time payments as other fees, without the additional fees associated with maintenance or real estate brokers commissions.

To figure out the total buying cost, we calculate the purchase price, down payment for the mortgage, monthly payments, one-time payments as other fees, registration fees, appraisal, and preparing, without including the service, utility, or maintenance fees.