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The main types of TV screens

TVs have become a part of our daily lives. Almost every household in the world has at least one TV screen. When it comes to shopping for TVs, there are several types of display panels to choose from including Plasma, LCD, LED, and OLED.

Plasma panels use a technology where each pixel is illuminated by plasma. There are few Plasma TVs that are still on sale these days. They are heavier than other panels but they give better views in darker rooms. The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) on the other hand, consumes less power than Plasma TVs. They are also smaller and lighter and give much better colors. There are some drawbacks of LCD TVs, such as their higher prices, and the limited brightness they offer due to the technology of backlight shining through liquid crystal. LED panels offer yet clearer image and brighter colors. They also save more energy than previous mentioned panels, but can be more expensive. The most recent and probably most expensive of all types, is the OLED, the market of OLED TVs is massively growing. They are by far the thinnest, lightest and clearest amongst all other types.

The biggest TV manufacturers in the marketplace

While there are a lot of TV brands to choose from in the global market, there are some manufacturer companies that pretty much dominate the industry. According to statistics, Samsung Electronics has the biggest market share with more than 20% amongst all manufacturers. Samsung also was the first company to launch HD LED TVs back in 2010. LG Electronics comes in second place with 12% market share. There are also other popular brands including Sony, Panasonic, Vizio and Hiense.  

Smart TVs Pros and Cons

With a smart TV you can connect to the internet through your home internet wifi network. A smart TV allows live streaming of videos, and a wide collection of fun apps to download just like a regular mobile phone or a tablet. When it comes to buying a smart TV there are some Pros and Cons you should consider beforehand.

One of the main advantages of smart TVs is the fact that you can watch your favorite shows without the need of satellite or cable services. You can also watch Youtube video and enjoy applications just like you do with your tablet. Smart TVs also provide multiple USB ports to connect other devices. You can also connect a remote keyboard and use the TV screen just like a computer monitor. On the other hand, Smart TVs can be a little bit pricey. And just like any other smart device, there is the risk of viruses and the malfunctions that comes with it. You should also consider other issues like privacy and working offline.

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