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Travel and Tourism in Egypt


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Travel - Tourism
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Travel - Tourism by City

Travel and Tourism

Who doesn’t want to travel and look at the world differently? Wouldn’t it be a transformative, eye opening experience? Travel, learn more about cultures and check your list of places you have always dreamed of visiting. OpenSooq will connect you to several offices where you can get all types of services which will ease the acquirement of visas and other necessary documents.

Travel Services on OpenSooq:

Travel Agency

Offers many services such as air ticketing(booking your flights), accommodation(finding and reserving the best hotels for you) and offers packages for families and groups. These agencies also prepare amazing sightseeing tours of the countries you are planning to go to.

Visa Offices

These offices are for helping you obtain a visa to a country that requires having them. These offices will request the compulsory documents that are needed in any visa application.

Student Visa

It is very likely that you would need a student visa if you are not studying in your hometown. Certain documents would be required from you to deliver in order to fill in the student visa application and be eligible to study in your country of choice.

Packages for Umrah and Hajj

If you want to fulfil your spiritual needs and go for Umrah or Hajj, certain offices would aid in your application process and relieve you of all the procedures that are required to get your visa.

Land Transportation Services

If you are travelling to a nearby country, contact these transportation services and book yourself a private car or a seat on a bus.

Trip to Airport

Don’t have anyone to take you to the airport? Visit OpenSooq and book yourself a ride to the airport by contacting the agency.

There are still many services that OpenSooq connects you with on our website. Search for the service that you need and once you find it, contact the service provider through their contact number, chat or the comments section. If you are an agency related to travel and tourism and would like to share your services, OpenSooq is the place for you.


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